Feather and test method of the new national standard Publicizing training ended

2017-03-01 04:50:45

 In February 23rd, sponsored by the Chinese down industry association, the new national standard GB/T17685-2016 "and" GB/T10288-2016 "feather feather feather test method" first publicizing training held in Anhui city in Lu'an province. The standard draftsman, Song Baoguo, a researcher in the inspection and Quarantine Laboratory of Zhejiang entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, is a leading teacher. Nearly 70 companies in the industry and more than 140 students participated in this training. 
 The new national standard Publicizing training work this time, completed the training content, get all the students alike. We hope that the association will be able to organize similar training in the future and improve the level of testing in the industry. The training contents are mainly divided into three parts: first, Yao Xiaoman, director of China feather and down industry association, emphasized the bottleneck of the down standard and the significance of promulgation and implementation of the new national standard. First of all, China occupies more than 70% of the international market share, although it is a down country, but can not be called a down power. The standard chaotic problem has become a bottleneck for the development of the industry; secondly, the two down the new national standard has been in line with international standards, on behalf of the international advanced level, embodies the feather detection technology frontier science and technology, has far-reaching significance to promote; finally this year will be "GB/T 14272-2011" and "QB/T1193-2012 clothing feather is" etc. Product standard to complete the revision, filling material will directly refer to new standards for eventual reunification down, China down industry standard.
 The two is Song Baoguo, interpretation of the current standard for all students the status quo, details of the GB/T 17685-2016 GB/T 10288-2016 "and" feather "feather test method", and Analysis on the different version of the standard; and for GB/T 10288-2016 "feather testing method" Naka Ha main inspection items: component analysis, species identification, determination, fluffy turbidity measurement, combined with the teaching demonstration video, standard operating procedures and introduced; also to all the standard label cashmere, cashmere yarn, silk, wool, feather color impurities and physicochemical indexes for comparison. At the same time, it also makes a serious answer to the problems encountered by the students in the actual work. 
 The last is by the association office director Xu Jie on the "classification standards" are introduced in detail, the gold standard reference Japanese label, "standard" provisions in accordance with the classification of qualified GB/T 17685-2016 based on the standard of "feather", with fluffy products as the division level basis. The graded products are represented by A, AA, AAA, AAAA, and AAAAA, and AAAAA represents the highest quality. The grading standard emphasizes that fluffiness is an important index for measuring the quality of down products and the warmth retention property of down products. The higher the bulking degree, the better the warmth retention, the better the comfort, the higher the quality, the more expensive the price is. At present, the international well-known feather products will bulkiness index marked on the product label, washing mark and the cuffs of a prominent position, to highlight the quality of products. We hope to draw on the international practice and increase the publicity of the "classification standard" and reflect the principle of high quality and good price.